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Car loans. Compare car loans quickly and easily

Borrowing money for a car, your car purchase may not wait until you save the money because you use it in your work. You may need the car to get to and from work. Maybe a car is your source of income and the prerequisite for you to make money. Not everyone has money tucked away for a car purchase.

Borrow money for car

money cash

A car can be very expensive sometimes and you may not be able to afford to buy today m a good basis for repaying a car loan in the long term. The advantage of a direct debit is that most banks do not charge any fees if you pay your loan via direct debit and the payments are made within the agreed time.

Car loan interest rate

Car loan interest rate

Car loan interest rate. The interest rate on your car loan is affected by a number of factors. For example, your civil status is often included in the calculations. This is because if you are married you are considered a lower risk as you are 2 people sharing the loan.

 A spouse is always a co-applicant when it comes to loans because married people are considered to have the same finances. The same is true if you are recently divorced, then you are considered a higher risk. This is because a divorce often has consequences for a private person’s finances for some time to come after the divorce. You may have had joint loans to be redeemed or renegotiated. Other factors that are included include your income and your past credit history.

Car loan

Car loan with the car as collateral you apply for with the help of Lendo. They compare car loans at over 20 banks and it allows you to choose a good price on your loan. You must be 18 years of age and registered in Sweden for one year to apply for a loan through Lendo. You must also have an annual income of at least SEK 100,000 to apply. However, this applies to minimum loans of up to SEK 30,000. If you are going to borrow larger amounts than SEK 30,000 you must have an annual income of at least SEK 110,000. The loan must not be greater than the price of the car and you must earn more per year than you want to borrow. You must not have an ongoing debt settlement case if you want to borrow via Lendo.


Car loan without cash

Car loan without cash

Non-cash car loans are offered by several of our lenders. If you do not have money for the cash deposit  you can borrow with the car as collateral. The bank then runs a reduced risk of capital loss. This usually requires that you have an orderly economy and good payment conditions. You need a fixed income so that you have the opportunity to repay the loan.

Compare car loans

Compare car loans using the loan broker AxoFinans. They compare over 20 different banks and lending institutions and then you get a variety of offers on car loans. This way you can compare the different loans and Choose one that suits you. AxoFinans always makes a UC request when using their service. But only one UC is done so that your credit rating does not get damaged. Some banks will reject when a person has too many UC requests for a short time. You will receive a response within 4 minutes of completing your loan application.


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